Concrete Coatings & Polishing

Polished concrete offers a sleek and modern flooring solution for residential and commercial spaces, showcasing a smooth and reflective surface. With its versatility in design and customization, it can suit various interior styles and preferences. Its durability and low maintenance make it a practical and attractive choice for high-traffic areas.
Garage floor coatings provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for protecting concrete surfaces from stains, chemicals, and wear. With options for various finishes and colors, they can enhance the look of any garage while improving its functionality. Their resistance to oil, grease, and abrasions ensures long-term durability and ease of maintenance.
Basement floor coatings offer a durable and moisture-resistant solution for transforming unfinished spaces into functional living areas. With a variety of finishes and colors available, they can enhance the aesthetics of any basement while providing protection against moisture and stains. Their seamless and easy-to-clean surface ensures both longevity and convenience in below-grade environments.
Patio and pool deck coatings offer a protective and visually appealing solution for outdoor living spaces, resisting stains and UV damage while enhancing aesthetics. With a range of textures and colors available, they can complement any landscape design or pool style. Their slip-resistant surface ensures safety and durability for enjoyable outdoor activities.
Metallic floor coatings provide a stunning and unique finish for interior spaces, creating a reflective and multidimensional surface. With a variety of metallic pigments and application techniques, they can achieve a range of striking visual effects. Their durable and easy-to-clean surface enhances both aesthetics and functionality in residential and commercial settings.
Concrete staining and sealing services offer a transformative solution to enhance the appearance of your concrete surfaces, imparting rich, vibrant hues while providing durability and protection against wear and tear. By applying specialized stains and sealants, these services not only beautify but also fortify your concrete, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.

Our Process


Surface Preparation: We use a state-of-the-art Machine Grinder and Hand Grinder for the edges to remove the concrete cap and smooth out the surface. During this process, we’ll also be vacuuming up excess dust to keep the surface smooth and clean.


Concrete Repair: We carefully repair cracks, pitting and concrete spalls to prepare the concrete to receive the base coat. We then do a final grind and vacuum to even out and final clean the surface.


Base Coat: We cut in and apply the Polyurea base coat to the concrete surface.


Broadcast Flake: With the base coat still wet and setting up, we broadcast Flake to refusal into the basecoat.


Dry Roll: With the Flake down, we next perform a dry roll to get the Flake to lightly push into the base coat and even out.


Scrape: After allowing the Base Coat to set up, we next scrape away excess flake for recovery in a multi directional pattern. Excess is vacuumed off the surface.


Top Coat: Here, we apply our Polyaspartic Top Coat to the now flaked floor. Using an M & W pattern for application after cutting in, we also perform a back roll to lay down the flake.


Wait & Enjoy: After 24 hours from completion, customers can enjoy their surface for YEARS to come!

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