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Finding a reputable contractor, who will provide the highest level of quality, and stand behind their work, can be a challenge when you take to the search engines. However, if you’ve landed here when searching for who installs concrete floor coatings in Terre Haute, then you’re search is over! Backed by decades of concrete experience, and top of the line equipment, we bring you a seasoned, reliable team to install concrete floor coatings in whatever area you’re looking to renovate.

The picture illustrated above is for a business in Terre Haute that is looking to renovate an area of their headquarters and turn it into a gym for their staff. The flooring that existed prior to beginning work was a laminate. The type of flake that we used here is called a Buckeye Flake, which is a combination of red, gray, black and white.

Concrete Floor Coatings in Terre Haute: How the Process Works

  1. Customer communicates his or her vision to our team.
  2. We provide the customer with color options for the flake. They are a wide variety of options to choose from!
  3. Our team schedules the appointment for a date convenient to the customer.
  4. On day of service, we begin our prep work and set up. This includes the grinding, concrete repair.
  5. Next, we apply the base coat and flake, followed by time for it to set.
  6. After it has set, we scrape away and vacuum excess. We leave the surface clean and free of particles to ensure a smooth finish.
  7. Last, we apply a protective top coat. This not only protects the surface, but it also adds shine.
  8. Finally, we follow up to ensure customer happiness!

Ultimately, when choosing a company who installs concrete floor coatings in Terre Haute and the surrounding areas, we advise that you consider the below tips:


Reputation: Whether it’s from another member of the community, or by seeing the quality of a company’s work around town, the reputation of the company and its team members should carry a lot of weight in your hiring decision. A good reputation means the company will show up and do what they say they’re going to do. Additionally, they’ll stand behind their work if there were to be an issue. We’re all human, and thereby imperfect, but how we respond to adversity matters and companies with a good reputation will have earned it both by the product they deliver, how they treat people and how they handle problems.
Skill: Almost like a branch from the Reputation tree is Skill. Typically, to earn a reputation, that individual or team likely has skills.
Reviews: This is another factor to consider when hiring a company. I wouldn’t go solely off reviews because in some cases you may have someone with 30+ years experience that worked in the Laborer’s Union who is clearly skilled and has a good reputation, but may have just started their business after a long career and may not have a number of reviews yet. So, use this as another factor, but not the sole factor.
Customer Service: How is the company and its team members to deal with? Are they professional on the phone, or via email? Do they get back to you quickly? Do they seem rushed, or annoyed, signs of being too busy to be on the phone which may mean that they have no help? You’ll have a variety of signals here to pull from here, but ultimately the experience of hiring a contractor should be a positive and enjoyable one, especially considering the investment you’re making into your home or property.
We could continue to list other factors, and variables, but in the end, you’ll make your decision with some combination of the above, and your GUT!
Are you ready to get your dull concrete floors looks like a show room? Please email us at or Call 812-460-8422 for any of your concrete floor coatings needs in the Terre Haute area. You can also visit our Contact Page anytime, day or night. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about concrete construction and concrete coatings in Terre Haute. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page to see our latest concrete construction and concrete coatings projects. We hope we have the opportunity to serve you!

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